Pastoral Activities

Sunday Mass Schedule

First Mass:   7:00AM
Second Mass:   9:00AM
Faith Clinic:   5:00PM
Benediction:   6:00PM

Weekdays Mass Schedule (Mondays)

Evening Mass:   6:00PM

Weekdays Mass Schedule (Other Days)

Morning Mass:   6:00AM
Evening Mass:   6:00PM

Weekend Mass Schedule (Saturdays)

Morning Mass:   7:00AM


8:00AM:   (After Morning Mass)

Second Saturday of the Month

During Morning Mass

Youth Fellowship

Every Wednesday:   7:00PM

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Fellowship

Every Thursday:   7:00PM

Devine Mercy Devotion

Every Day:   3:00PM

Parish Choir Rehearsals

Tuesdays:   7:00PM

Fridays:   7:00PM

Saturdays:   6:00PM

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Fellowship

Every Sunday:   12:00PM

Catholic Youth Organisation (CYON)

Every Last Sunday:   12:00PM


Opening Hour:   9:00AM
Closing Hour:   3:00PM

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