St Agnes parish holds wedding for five couples

St Agnes parish holds wedding for five couples

St Agnes parish holds wedding for five couples

It was a day of great joy for parishioners; friends and well-wishers of St Agnes Parish Wuye recently, as five couples in the parish were wedded in a ceremony presided over by the Parish Priest, Rev Fr Richard Gberikon.

Speaking during the homily, Fr Gberikon urged the couples to see their wedding as a manifestation of God’s plan for them and should make a deliberate effort to live a Christian life devoid of godless acts. Taking them and the rest of the congregation, on a scriptural journey, he explained why no one should take matters into their own hands but leave everything to God. Quoting Roman 12:19, he urged all to “Leave vengeance for God.”

The solemnization ceremony was followed by a reception within the parish premises for the newly wedded couples. The chairman of the occasion and the immediate past President of the St Agnes Catholic Men Organization, Bro Theo Adegor, in his remarks, praised the resilience of the couples in undergoing the rigorous marriage course they were subjected to. He encouraged them to always put their trust and faith in God. He also told them that money should not be at the centre of their marriage or happiness. “Your marriage is as wonderful as you make it and happiness is not all about money,” he said.

The wedding was organized on behalf of the couples by the St Agnes Parish Laity Council whose visibly excited President, Sir Laz Ebirim, gave reasons for organizing the wedding. He said, “We have some brothers and sisters in our parish who are living together but they are not wedded. And living together as man and wife without wedding is not right. It affects the spiritual life of a Christian negatively and the spiritual life of Christians is the most important thing.

“So we looked at such brothers who desire to wed but are unable to do so due to a number of things like, how to go about having the sacrament of holy matrimony, lack of money, and other challenges and organized them. We put them through the marriage course, taught them the Catechism of the church, and assisted them with the money to do the necessary things like the court marriage at the public registry and hosting this reception. There were so many of them but these five couples were the successful ones and today we are celebrating them.”

He also called on other Catholic couples living together without the sacrament of holy matrimony to summon the courage and come forward as the laity councils in the parishes are willing to assist them to obtain the sacrament.

The couples who wedded were, Mr and Mrs Manasseh Bulus, Mr and Mrs Dalli Boniface, Mr and Mrs Jonathan Usongu, Mr and Mrs Joseph Viashima and Mr and Mrs Joseph Dakon.

Mr Viashima who spoke on behalf of the couples expressed their appreciation to God, the parish priest, the parish laity council and all parishioners who contributed in making the wedding possible. He advised Catholic couples living together without the sacrament of holy matrimony to see them as an inspiration and emulate them.


The couples received gifts from several societies and individuals in the parish. Parishioners who turned out in their numbers to celebrate with them were well entertained.